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northern lights holiday in finland


The magical lights appear on more than 20 nights a year in Finnish Lapland. About 160 000 tourists travel here with the hope of seeing the amazing aurora borealis. Northern lights holiday in Finland can be a sweet experience that you can never take off your memory. This country is considered to be one of the most expensive ones in the world. However, I believe you can embark on your trip to this part Scandinavia without spending too much.

Travel expenses are always a concern, but being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t experience the amazing places on this planet. No doubt, there are cheap ways of making your trip to Finland – it just takes a bit more research and planning but it’s worth it. I’ll guide you through the basic necessities during your journey and will show you affordable flights, accommodation, and means of transportation so you could easily plan your Northern lights holiday in Finland.

northern lights holiday in finland

Have a perfect northern lights holiday in Finland

Best areas to see the aurora

Utsjoki is the northernmost town of Lapland and the easiest spot to see the lights. Also, you can see the aurora in Rovaniemi, the capital. The lack of light pollution makes Kakslauttanen a suitable place too. If you would like to get more in depth with all the best places in the country, you can read my dedicated article about the northern lights Finland.

Searching for flight to Finland 

You can take Rovaniemi airport as your entry point. It is the fifth largest airport in Finland. Ivalo can also offer you cheap flights. You can see flight as low as £92 depending on where you are coming from. From there you can easily go to the northernmost part of the country, Utsjoki. If you invest some time and dig a bit for good deal flights, you can easily fly within the country as it will take you to your destination the fastest. Check the below sites for affordable flights to Finland and within the country.

northern lights holiday in finland

Accommodation in Finland

During your northern lights holiday in Finland, you can get affordable accommodations no matter your destination. During my holiday, I stayed in Utsjoki, a village located far north in Lapland. It is a quiet picturesque place and you would be able to see nature’s beauty without any stress. It’s possible to see the lights between September and April.  In case you don’t have too much time to spend in Finland and want to cut your trip short, you can stay in Ivalo.

If your mind is already made up and you are considering taking this trip, below you can find accommodations that suit your needs best.

Transportation in Finland

Furthermore, talking about transportation, Finland offers a lot – you can roam around the country by car, train, plane, boat or bus. They all have their advantages and drawbacks. Traveling by bus may be everything you need to move around. It covers 90% of Finland and can be very cheap. Bus Fares are around €2.50 to €3.50. You can purchase a ticket at a ticket machine or pay the driver directly. Trains are also affordable – a one-way ticket for a 100km express journey can be as low as €23.

northern lights holiday in finland

Do not use cabs because they are costly, even for short distance. Also, renting a car can be very expensive in Finland. Since you are going to visit during the winter, you will not be able to use ferries. They only work during the summer- June to August. You can take a flight – it might sound expensive but nowadays, will all the low budget airlines, a flight can cost you less than ground transportation and will provide you the comfort of a fast travel.

Food in Finland

Food is costly in Finland and restaurants are even more. I would advise you to rent accommodation with a kitchen. This way you can do a small shopping at the grocery store and prepare yourself a meal. This doesn’t need to be all the time during your stay as you can find some good and affordable places to eat:

Things to do

The main aim of your visit to Finland might just be to see the magical aurora lights. No doubt, you can still enjoy additional attractions this country has to offer. In case you are able to save enough cash, you can add to your bag of fun visiting Lemmenjoki National Park, Archipelago National Park, go climbing in Kilpisjärv and more.

northern lights holiday in finland

After reading all the above in connection with a Northern lights holiday in Finland, maybe you are convinced to go. Then why not start making plans today? Know when to go by reading my dedicated northern lights prediction article, decide on your destination, book your flight earlier, secure an accommodation and take your leave!




northern lights holiday in sweden


A significant part of Sweden lies within the aurora oval zone. Seeing the wonderful display of aurora in the sky here can make you shake your head for hours. Northern lights holiday in Sweden is one of the best experiences you should never miss in life. Most travelers believe that seeing the magical lights in Sweden is going to cost them a fortune. I will guide you to plan an affordable trip to visit this scarcely populated country.

northern lights holiday in Sweden
Northern Lights with adventure the cold at Abisko, Sweden.

Enjoy northern lights holiday in Sweden

Best areas to see the aurora

Abisko National Park is the prime location to see the northern lights. It is suitable as a patch of sky usually remains clear over the Torneträsk Lake despite the overcast weather in surrounding areas. Jukkasjärvi is also one of the best areas to view the northern lights in Sweden and it hosts the world’s first ice hotel. You can read my dedicated article about the northern lights in Sweden article if you would like to learn more.

Catching a flight to Sweden  

No doubt, flights to Sweden can be somehow expensive. Most of the routes inside the country pass through Stockholm. The Stockholm Arlanda airport is the busiest one and you can use it as your starting point. Here, you can get a flight as low as £28 depending on where you are coming from. Also, Kiruna can be your entry point. Flight to Kiruna can be cheap and it is also close to one of the best places to see the aurora in the country. You can check the below sites for affordable flights to any part of Sweden.

northern lights holiday in Sweden


During my holiday, I stayed in Abisko. It is a village that is just a couple of kilometers north of Kiruna town. It is a perfect place to view the northern lights. I stayed in a guest house in Abisko. However, if you have already decided on your destination you can check out different places to stay at an affordable rate.

Transportation in Sweden

Here you can have it all – bus, train, plane, boat or railway transportation. In Sweden, taxi prices are not regulated so the cost can sometimes vary. I would advise you avoid cabs.

The best way of getting around is by train or bus. In fact, Swedish people use public transports more than private. To ensure cheap train tickets avoid traveling during rush hours and make sure you book your tickets earlier. If you buy a rail pass before going to the country, you can be sure of saving some cash.

The same rule applies to buses. Book a bus ticket four weeks in advance and save up to 50%.

northern lights holiday in sweden

Food in Sweden

If you have the mind of saving money during your northern lights holiday in Sweden, I would advise you to stay away from the restaurant if you have the mind of saving money. In this country, eating out can be expensive. You can stick to the outside food vendors on the streets. You can find different varieties of food there and the meals are as affordable as 20 SEK. In addition, alcohol is expensive because it is heavily taxed. Beer is quite affordable, so you are lucky if you are a fan of the drink.

Things to do

I’m sure your primal goal to visit Sweden can be just to see the Northern Lights but of course, you can enjoy much more that the country has to offer. Even though all Scandinavian states are known for their high cost of living, there still are things that are worth doing even at those prices. After all, if you managed to save some money from transportation, accommodation, and flights, you can definitely treat yourself with something as good as visiting Fairytale Drottningholm Palace or a picturesque boat tour.

northern lights holiday in swedenSweden undoubtedly can be magical while showing you its green lighted skies. If you are already with a mind made up to go on a northern lights holiday in Sweden, then get ready to book a flight. Have it in mind that you can only see the aurora during the winter months and when the sky is clear and dark. To cover your bases real good, you can check out my article on Northern lights prediction.



northern lights holiday in norway


At the end of the 19th century, the World’s first northern lights observatory was built in Alta, Norway.  Here, the aurora borealis may give you sleepless nights. It is one of the best places where you can see the multicolor Curtain of lights. In recent years many travelers tend to add a Northern lights trip to their bucket list. Out of a lot of places to see the aurora, northern lights holiday in Norway is one of the best easy self-planned tours. Due to the fact that Norway is located very far in the arctic belt, you can conveniently get to areas where you can catch the aurora borealis with ease.

Here, I am going to share with you details on how to make your Northern lights holiday in Norway a reality without spending much. Actually, I have been there and in fact, you don’t need to exhaust all the money in your account to make the trip.

Northern Lights Norway
Aurora borealis over Skagsanden beach on Lofoten Islands, Norway, March 2016

Enjoying northern lights holiday in Norway

I will show you the cheap way to travel to Norway, affordable accommodation, possible destinations, affordable transportation and much more.

Best locations to see aurora borealis

Tromsø, Alta, and Svalbard are the most popular sites in Norway. Svalbard is the world’s northernmost town and Alta is known as “the town of the northern lights”. Its very northern latitude and unique weather make it one of the best towns to observe the aurora. You can read more details about the northern lights Norway in my dedicated article.

Flights search to Norway

The prices of flying to Norway can be sometimes high. However, the cheapest way of getting there is by flying to Oslo. Even though it is difficult to see the aurora here, it serves you perfectly as an entry point to the country. Oslo Airport is the largest airport in Norway and from here you can take another low-cost flight to your final destination. You can check TripAdvisor, Kiwi, KAYAK, and Cheapflights for affordable flights to Norway and within the country.

Accommodation in Norway 

During your northern lights holiday in Norway, you can find affordable places to stay no matter your destination. You can a select a location in the middle of the Fjord. Thus, you would be able to see the other side of the mountain by traveling a little. Taking a boat ride around the fjord is also a nice experience.

I stayed in a remote place called Aurland during my visit. It is about 10 km south of Sognefjorden in the traditional district of Sogn. In fact, I was able to enjoy all the sites in the area just by walking around. Flåm is also a lovely place to stay. It’s a small village in Aurland that offers you delightful landscapes and friendly citizens.

  • Check Booking, Roomorama, and Airbnb for affordable accommodations in Norway.
  • Check the list of affordable places to stay on TripAdvisor.
  • Discover a list of selected budget accommodations on Trivago.

northern lights holiday in Norway

Transportation in Norway

Some of the few possible ways to travel within Norway are by train, car, plane, bus, and taxi.  If you take a little time to pick your location carefully, a train might be everything you need to move around. The train service is relatively cheap, reliable and can possibly take you anywhere. Train services are available in Oslo and even Bergen. You can visit the Norway Railway Train Service for further information.

I took a train from Oslo to Bergen to see this:


Car rental is not too expensive together with the prices of the fuel in Norway which are not cheap. But if you are to move around by car I would recommend that you pay all the toll roads in advance as paying them one by one on the spot will be more expensive. It is the fastest to fly. Of course, but the downside is that it is expensive and also reduces your opportunity to have a peak at the breathtaking nature of Norway.


northern lights holiday in norway

Food in Norway

No doubt, restaurants are great but quite pricey in Norway. I started my trip with a stop in a local supermarket. The prices are worth it and the country is popular for its high food standard. Grilling my meals outside my cabin saved me some expenses and was a great opportunity to meet my neighbors. If you are planning to prepare your own food, make sure to get accommodation with a kitchen.

  • Check TripAdvisor for affordable restaurants in Norway
  • Check NUMBEO for the cost of food in Norway.

Other adventures

Having a little taste of the local way of living and attractions is always a plus when visiting a new country. During your northern lights holiday in Norway, there are some additional adventures that can help complement your trip. These are Skiing, dog sledding, hiking, sightseeing, and more.


northern lights holiday in norway

If “seeing the northern lights in Norway” is still a part of your bucket list, check the above information and get your planning started. I would recommend at least a week in Norway as it has a vast territory full of gorgeous views and memorable feelings.

Me Norway
Me In my Norway Trip.