How I Lost All My Family Photos

How I Lost All My Family Photos

Memories are a fascinating entity in one’s life as they are embedded in the dreams, special moments and goals one has captured and can never be taken back or changed by anyone. That is why growing up we had a tradition where every Christmas we would go through all the photos taken that year and reminisce on the memories created.

When I got my own family I ended up assimilating that culture and continued saving all my family’s memories on my phone and as we approached December I was ecstatic as I knew we would be harking back on what a year we have had through our photos. Unfortunately, a week before Christmas I got mugged and lost my phone and with that, I lost all my family’s photos and any memory captured. They were more than photos to me; they were recollections of my children’s birthdays, my anniversary, family brunches and functions that is what I had lost.

Frustrated and angry I started to Google on ways I could recover my photos as Christmas was fast approaching and I did not want to tell my family I had lost all our photos. I was already picturing the disappointing look my wife and children would give me when I break the news to them. A determined soul never leaves any stone unturned therefore I spent hours in my laptop and constantly became aggravated as I did not find any solution.

Lost in thoughts of what I would do a friend of mine walked in and asked me why I looked so distraught and after narrating the story to him he was kind enough to give me tips on what to do so that I would never lose my photos again. He referred me to a few affordable sites where one can print digital photos online for free. My initial reaction to this was who still uses print and he opened my eyes to the growth print has had over the years and how it is not dead.

Well I know many will find this somewhat old-fashioned as they want to have their photo collage on their phone galleries rather than printing but printing saves you from loss of memorable moments like I did. Sites such as canvas printing, Free prints, Snapfish and AdoramaPix among others make it possible for one to print out their memories and even walk around with these photos on your wallet or even mount one in your house.

As we all embrace digitalism we should also embrace how digital has immensely modified print. If you choose to print your photos it gives you the opportunity to bring images together and create a scrapbook where you can edit your favorite memories and even learn a thing or two on how to better your other photos.

Personally, I recommend people to opt for printing their photos as phones and computers could easily get lost or corrupted but physical photos last longer as memoirs.

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