The offers an easy way to search available parking opportunities at over fifty U.S. airports, as well as four Canadian ones. I recommend using the site particularly for the former, as it encompasses most U.S. destinations – from the well-known JFK to parking at La Guardia, and even smaller airports such as Burlington, Vermont.


All in all, the site is very simple to navigate. Straight from the homepage, you can enter your departure airport, destination airport (the latter is optional), and your travel dates. For example, let’s say you’re interested in LAX parking rates, say from October 1-5, 2011, from noon to noon. Entering these dates and times into the search form provides with over forty results. Initially, they are sorted by price, but you can also arrange them by parking type, company name, star rating, and distance.

In this case, the parking rates ranged from $7.95 to $30 (USD) per day. While the first price, which is very reasonable, stems from the Airport Center – LAX airport parking, the latter is rather expensive and is when you park in the Central Terminal. In between, you will find prices for parking at the Marriott Hotel nearby, for example.


The  website will also indicate whether a certain parking lot is sold out or not available at all for the dates and times in question. Last but not least you can view all the results on a map.

Should you have any questions regarding your booking, there is always a live help service. In addition, you can also make a reservation by phone.

The even has a mobile app where iPhone and iPad users can book directly. Payments are made by credit card or Paypal. Should your travels change at any point or you need to cancel your reservation, be sure to contact the company through the Customer Service link at the top.


What’s great is that the website goes far beyond just arranging airport parking. The company blog provides up-to-date entries on different airports so that you are always informed about the latest developments. Most recently, they have covered the flight reductions at Denver airport, as well as the increase in traffic at the South Florida airports. No matter whether you choose to book parking or not, this information is useful to travelers, especially those looking to save big.

On the blog, you can also browse news and updates by airport code, so be sure to know the ones you are interested in. In fact, this goes for the website as a whole – airport codes make the search a whole lot easier? No worries if you do not know yours off the top of your head, they have a list for you to look it up, just scroll to the bottom and on the left click on “Airport codes”.

Also, should you be looking for a place to stay in addition to your parking spot, the site will direct you to their partner website, In, you can search for pre-flight accommodation as well as parking opportunities. This way, you stand less chance of missing those horrible early morning flights.

All in all, a service that makes a vacation what it should be: a vacation!

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