Fresh Direct’s Floral Delivery Service Review

Fresh Direct’s Floral Delivery Service Review

My love of the NY-based grocery delivery service Fresh Direct is WELL-documented on this blog. Given the number of groceries I buy for recipe testing, cooking classes, as well as our own personal meals (and the fact that I don’t drive), I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult life would be without them. Apart from the convenience and the amazing quality of their food (especially the local produce & meat), I love that they occasionally add some really fun options to their site.

Like their new local floral delivery service!

I’ve always wanted to be the sort of woman who regularly keeps gorgeous fresh flowers around the home. The truth is that I am not that sort of woman. I’m more the sort of woman who buys fresh flowers, enjoys them for a few days, and then keeps forgetting to throw them out as they sit withering and drying and crumbling into dust all over my coffee or dining table. Way more Miss Havisham than Martha Stewart.

They finally get thrown out and then months and months pass before I even think to buy another bouquet.

But a service like this could be pretty great. Because I always remember to buy groceries (naturally) and it’s easy enough to pick something lovely and seasonal and add it to my basket.

This weekend, I decided to test out the service to see just how it works in real life and took pictures so that I could share with you in case you’ve also been thinking about trying it. Find out about Fresh Direct Here.


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