Latest Innovations on Hilton Hotels

Latest Innovations on Hilton Hotels

Imagine walking into a hotel room where your favorite TV shows, air-temperature, and other preferences are already in place.

Well, according to Hilton, which is beta-testing a smart room where “the room knows you and you know your room” this futuristic-sounding experience could be available in its hotels by next year, along with advancements in in-room entertainment.

But this is just a glimpse of how digital, mobile, analytics and IoT technology is being used in the hospitality sector.

Hilton is among the vanguard of international hotel giants looking for increasingly creative ways to use technology in their bid to engage ever-demanding digitally-connected customers who seek to interact using apps, smartphones, and tablets before, during and after their stay.

In a briefing to tnooz, chief marketing officer Geraldine Calpin says that in the past two years Hilton’s extensive research into trends within the hospitality and the broader consumer space has identified several opportunities.

For instance, voice-activation (which has already been introduced at competitor Marriott’s Aloft brand) could be used in the smart rooms or in other ways.

One of Hilton’s success stories has been the introduction of a mobile app with Digital Key technology, which is being used across its North American portfolio and will be rolled out to about 100 UK properties by the end of the year, representing the largest implementation for the 5,000-hotel strong company outside the US.

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