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All About

VRBO is the world’s most comprehensive, trusted source of holiday rentals, connecting property owners and managers with those looking for the perfect accommodation for trips away with their family or friends.

The homes you will find on the site, which include holiday villas and cottages, will not only offer you more space, privacy and amenities than hotel rooms, but you can often book them for less than half the cost per person. can be traced back to 1996, when the predecessor to the current site was established in London. They now offer various sites which help people find VRBO holiday rentals, no matter what the destination or budget. If you are a holiday home owner, meanwhile, they will provide you with everything you need to list it and advertise it.


Booking your perfect vacation rental is easy with VRBO as they offer more than one million listings around the world. You can either use the website or download the app on your mobile device to book on the go.

Searching for a property is simple. Just enter a city, region or country where you are looking to go on holiday, while you can even use famous landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, to find nearby accommodation.

Once you enter your travel dates, you will be shown accurate prices and availability for the area you have chosen. You will then be able to use filters and maps to narrow down your options. When it comes to booking with, once you have completed and finalized the payment, it will become automatically protected by their Book With Confidence Guarantee.


Most of the listings can be booked and paid for online, and when you click the Request to Book button and enter your information, your booking request will immediately be sent to the property owner or manager. You will hear within 24 hours if this has been accepted or denied. If you are unsure about something, you can send the owner or manager a message prior to booking. Once you have booked, you should create an account at or download the app so you can access the full details of your stay.

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