southern lights holiday in tasmania
southern lights holiday in Tasmania


Tasmania is an Island discovered in 1642 by a Dutch explorer named Abel Tasman and the Island was named after him. This part of the world has some unique characteristics- a lot of wilderness, very old trees and much more. Another feature it displays is the magical aurora australis which is irresistible to the eye. Many travelers always find their way to this wonderful Island just to see the southern light. A trip to a southern lights holiday in Tasmania might make a difference in your life if seeing the aurora is your thing.

southern lights holiday in Tasmania

Having a stress free southern lights holiday in Tasmania

Here I will put you through the various affordable ways to achieve your aurora holiday dream and make your trip the best.

Best area to see the aurora  

The south arm peninsula and Bruny Island are the perfect places to see the southern lights in Tasmania. The peninsula’s shallow Bays and beaches with wave crashing on the foreground make it stand out. Being the darkest location in Tasmania Bruny Island is also a nice place. You can check my dedicated southern lights Tasmania article for you to know more.

Flight search to Tasmania

Generally, flying could be expensive and so is flying to Tasmania- depending on your location though. You can use Hobart as your starting point. Hobart international airport is the major airport for travelers going to Tasmania. Flying here can be as low as $73 depending on your location. Check the links below for the affordable flights that fit your budget.

southern lights tasmania

Accommodation in Tasmania

No doubt, this Island is the home to the most affordable accommodations in Australia. Wherever you choose as your destination for the southern lights holiday in Tasmania, you can get affordable accommodation. It can be as cheap as $15 per night. You can stay in a hotel, holiday houses and cabins, hostel and much more. However, Farm stay and Caravan and camping seem to be the cheapest.  If you are ready for the trip, check the link below to select any accommodation of your choice.

Transportation in Tasmania 

Tasmania offers road, water, and air transportation. Their rail transportation systems stop working in late 1970. Going around by bus is the cheapest means of transportation- it offers visitors inexpensive services. You can also rent a car as it offers you freedom to explore your timetable. Flying is rare within this Island because the locations are closer to each other.

southern lights holiday in Tasmania

Food in Tasmania

There are different varieties of food you can choose from in Tasmania. You can choose to eat out, go to the pubs or prepare your food. Eating outside can be somehow expensive- might not be like some other countries. If your accommodation has a kitchen, I will advise you buy foodstuffs from the market and prepare your meal- it saves money. However, you can get some restaurants where you can eat cheap.

Things to do   

Tasmania has a lot of things to offer than the magical aurora light. You can decide to add a little flavor to your southern lights holiday in Tasmania by doing some other interesting things. Try visiting attractions such as the Bay of firesTessellated pavementWineglass Bay and much more.

southern lights holiday in Tasmania

Why not consider Tasmania- it is an astonishing and perfect place for your Aurora holiday. Start by selecting your destination, booking a flight and an accommodation and much more. Don’t forget to check for the best time to embark on your trip on Aurora Forecast.

Finally, if you have been to Tasmania before and wish to share your experience with us you can use the comment box below.

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