southern lights holiday in new zealand


New Zealand is a nice country to visit. Only 5% of the population in the country is human- others are animals. New Zealand is also the least corrupt nation I the world. It has the same size as the Uk. No doubt, this wonderful country offers a nice view of the aurora australis. A trip to the southern lights holiday in New Zealand is all you need to have a fun filled vacation.

Most travelers think going to this country can cost a fortune. As a matter of fact, going to New Zealand seems to be one of the affordable ones. I will show you how to find the best flights, places to stay, transportations and much more.

Getting the best of southern lights holiday in New Zealand

Best area to see the aurora

Stewart Island, Invercargill, and Lake Tekapo are the perfect places to see the aurora. Invercargill is the southernmost city in the world which offers a great warmth and hospitality. These places offer clear skies and less or no light pollution. To know about the other places where you can see the magical light in this country, read my dedicated southern lights New Zealand.

Flight search to New Zealand

Flying to this country can be relatively costly. However, flying to Auckland International airport seems to be the most affordable. So you can take Auckland as your starting point. You can fly to your destination to make your trip faster. Check below links for different affordable flights that best suit you.

Accommodation in New Zealand

There are lots of accommodation options to suit every budget and taste. You can see the hotel as low as $13 per night. No matter where you choose as your destination, you can always get affordable places to stay in this country. Check the accommodations that best suit your budget.

southern lights holiday in New Zealand

Transportation in New Zealand

This country has it all- by road, water, air, and rail. How quickly you want to move from one destination to the other depends on your choice of transportation. No doubt, taking a flight is the fastest and costly. Going around by bus is the cheapest- it is an exercise in relaxation. The bus ticket fee can be as low as NZ$10. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery through train journey- something you cannot see by road. Train fare can be as low as NZ$49. You can also decide to rent a car for convenience- it can be as low as $12 per day.

Food in New Zealand  

Food in New Zealand can be pricey. However, you can get cheap recipes such as Avocado bread spread for $2, Tabbouleh for $3, Pasta variations for $1 and much more. During your Southern lights holiday in New Zealand, eating out will offer you more options no matter your diet. One healthy and affordable meal I will recommend is Sushi- you can get a roll for $1. You can decide to prepare your meal if your accommodation has a kitchen. Check below links for affordable and nice places to eat.

new zealand southern lights

Things to do

Even though seeing the aurora is your main focus, you can complement it by doing some other nice things in the country. New Zealand has various attractions and outdoor activities to offer you.  Some of the amazing attractions it offers are Milford SoundBay of IslandsWai-o-tapu and much more.

That is the southern lights holiday in New Zealand in a nutmeg. You don’t need to spend all your cash making this trip. Why not start making preparations? This nature crafted country is waiting for you.

In case you have experienced a great holiday trip to New Zealand, kindly share your experience with us. You can also tell us some other things to do in the country.

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