southern lights holiday in Australia


Australia is the 6th largest country in the world with about 91% of the country covered with vegetation. Most of its fantastic flora and fauna cannot be found in any other place in the world. This country is a land of dream- you can view the magical aurora australis here. Its sky is blessed with the amazing lights which beacon to most travelers. A trip to the southern lights holiday in Australia is one of the best experiences you can never forget.

An aurora holiday trip to Australia, how affordable is it? This is one of the questions that bother most travelers. I will discuss the different ways to make your trip without draining your purse and stressing yourself.

Enjoy your southern lights holiday in Australia

Best places to see the aurora

Southern Victoria, South Western Australia, and Tasmania are the perfect places to see the aurora in this country. Even though Tasmania is an Island and a country on its own, it is still part of Australia. It is the best place that offers the view of the unique light in this part of the world. To know more about the best places, you can read my dedicated southern lights Australia article.

Flight search to Australia   

Flying to this country can be costly. There are many points of entry depending on your destination. You can use the Sydney airport- busiest airport, Melbourne airport or Adelaide Airport- fifth busiest airport as your starting points.  The cost of flying here can be as low as $59. Check below links for the various affordable flights available.

Accommodation in Australia 

During your southern lights holiday in Australia, you can get affordable places to stay no matter your destination. In fact, renting from people in Australia seems to be the cheapest means. You can get an accommodation as low as $59 AUD per night. In addition, check below links for various suitable places to stay.

Transportation in Australia

Talking about transportation, Australia has it all- road, rail, water, and air. Getting around by train and bus is efficient, convenient, reasonably priced and scenic way to explore this country. Generally, coaches that cover long distance have reading light, free wifi, air conditioning, and adjustable seats.

No doubt, the best way to cover long distances within a short time is by flying. It can be cheap when flights are booked in advance- there are competitions between domestic airlines. Also, you can hit the road by renting a car. Australia offers one of the most beautiful road trips in the world.

Food in Australia

No doubt, Australia is not known to be the cheapest country in the world- not unlike those Scandinavian countries. Food is relatively costly in this country. However, if you wish to eat out more often, go for lunch or breakfast- it can be cheaper. If your accommodation has a kitchen, you can cook in. Of course, you will save money by cooking your own meals with the stuff bought from the farmers market or supermarket. If alcohol is your thing, you need to be careful- it can kill your budget. No doubt, no matter your location, you will still find cheap restaurants. Check below links for various places to eat in Australia.

Things to do 

Furthermore, you can complement your trip to the southern lights holiday in Australia with some other nice things to do in Australia. This country has more than 10, 000 beaches- you can visit a new one every day for more than 27 years. You can visit attractions such as Sydney Opera HouseGreat Barrier ReefUlulu-Kata Tjuta National Park and much more.

In conclusion, this country with more kangaroos than people can also offer you more fun. If you are ready for a trip to the southern lights holiday in Australia, start your preparation now without wasting time. You can check aurora prediction sites such as aurora-service.

Finally, if you have made a holiday trip to Australia before, we will appreciate you telling us about it. you can also give suggestions that can be of help.

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