Southern lights holiday in the Falkland Islands


In Falkland, it rains for almost 250 days in a year. All year round snow falls once in a while. This Island comprises of many other Islands- offering various mind blowing attractions to travelers. One of the things you cannot ignore about the Falkland is the aurora australis it offers. Never doubt it- you can go on a southern lights holiday in the Falkland Islands without exhausting your money. No doubt, some people think it is not achievable.

Great way to get your southern lights holiday in the Falkland Islands achieved

I am here to show you the affordable and easy ways to get to the Falkland Islands and enjoy your aurora holiday.

Great place to see the aurora

The southern part of the Island is the perfect place to see the magical light on the Island. The further south you go the better. You can read my dedicated southern light the Falkland Islands so as to know more.

Flight search to the Island

Flying to the Falkland Island seems to be very different compared to some other places. You can fly through weekly flight that takes off from Chile on Saturdays. You can also follow the UK Ministry of defense flights that operates twice a week. The plane flies directly from Brize Norton to the Island on Saturdays and Wednesdays. You can use the Mount Pleasant airport in the East as your entry point- it is the only place all flights arrive to. However, you can check the link below for affordable flights to the Island.

Accommodation in the Falkland Islands

Wherever you choose to stay in this part of the world, you are assured of a warm welcome by your host. Except for the capital, accommodation here is generally in self-catering cottages or family lodges. Accommodations are affordable here. Check the link below for various lodges that best suit you.

Transportation in the Falkland Islands

Primarily, this Island has 3 means of transportation- road, water and air.  You can go around in trains, ferries, coaches, and planes. There are two airports and sea ports. The cheapest means of transportation here is by bus. Traveling in a rented car is also enjoyable and ensures privacy. Opportunities to go around the Islands on boats are limited but some amazing day trips are available.

Food in Falkland Island

The food here is almost the same with what you would have at home. The abundant meal here is fish and chips and of course fish dishes. However, lamb and mutton stand to be the center and front of any menu. Heartier foods and fresh salads are also available for the cold weather. Wherever you visit in this Island you cannot be hungry. All you need to do is to find a restaurant that best suits you. If your lodge has a kitchen, you can decide to cook the meals yourself. Check below links for various available restaurants.

Things to do

During your southern lights holiday in the Falkland Islands, you can add a little sauce to your trip by visiting other places of attraction like the Bluff Cove Lagoon, Falkland Islands Museum, Battle memorial, and much more. Check the links below for other things you can do.

In a nutshell, above is how to go on a southern lights holiday in the Falkland Islands affordably and comfortably. You can make up your mind today and start planning your trip. Don’t forget to plan your trip at the right time- check any available aurora prediction site, so as to know the best time to make the trip. Additionally, if you have been to the Island and which to share your experience, you can do that in the comment box below.

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