In the U.S, Alaska is the only state that produces platinum. Also, out of 20 highest mountain peaks in the U.S, Alaska has 17 to itself. Additionally, Alaska also offers a unique display of the magical aurora lights. Going on a trip to northern lights holiday in Alaska can be all you need to make your vacation a fulfilled one.

Making a trip to this largest and the most sparsely populated state in the US can be sometimes costly- especially if you are flying there. Nevertheless, I can make you see ways you can make the trip and save some cash. I will show you that no matter how expensive it is to travel down to Alaska, there are affordable ways around it.

Chena Lake, Aurora, night sky at alaska, fairbanks

Make your northern lights holiday in Alaska achievable

Best areas to see the aurora    

Fairbanks and Anchorage are the perfect places to see the lights here. Fairbanks is located in the north and also directly located under the northern lights oval- you don’t need to go too far before seeing the magical lights here. Even though Anchorage is not as northerly as Fairbanks, it is a nice place to view the light. You can read my dedicated northern lights Alaska if you wish to know more.

Flight search to Alaska            

The cheapest and simplest way to get to Alaska is by flying. Most travelers booking a flight to Alaska selects Anchorage international airport as their entry point. I will advise you to do the same. You can catch another flight from this airport to your destination- flying from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Flights to Alaska can be as low as $42- depending on your location. You can search for affordable flights from the links below.

Aurora, night sky at alaska, fairbanks

Accommodation in Alaska

No matter where you select as your destination during the northern lights holiday in Alaska, you can still get affordable accommodations. Taking Anchorage as an example- you can get an accommodation as cheap as $24 per night. Depending on what best suits you, check the below links for various places to stay in this part of USA.

Transportation in Alaska

Alaska has it all- rail, car, bus, boat and plane. In terms of road transportation, this US state is arguably list-connected. Getting around in cars, bus and rail are limited. In and out of Alaska, flying is the most efficient and cheapest form of transportation. Check the below links for various affordable ways of getting around Alaska.


Food in Alaska

Most foods are expensive in Alaska because they have to be imported from the lower 48. In fact, not all local foods are cheaper in this US state. During your northern lights holiday in Alaska, it is most of the time advisable you secure an accommodation with kitchen- you can cook a meal by yourself. However, you can still get some affordable restaurants that best suit you.

The Northern Lights emerge through the clouds in remote Alaska

Things to do

Apart from the magical light that is your primary aim of traveling to this US state, there are many other nice things to do. No doubt, you can get to see the Mendenhall Glacier, Denali Mountain, Anchorage Museum and much more. You can save some extra cash so has to have this additional fun.

Do you care to make a trip to this state which is famous for its abundant wildlife, huge glaciers, magical aurora light and much more? You can start planning your to the northern lights holiday in Alaska as soon as possible. For you to know the best time to visit this place, check out y dedicated northern lights prediction article.

The Northern Lights emerge through the clouds in remote Alaska

You can tell us about your previous holiday experience in Alaska- suggesting the various interesting places you can visit while staying in the US state.

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