northern lights holiday in uk


In the UK, the oldest house is nearly 6000 thousand years old with its stone furniture still intact. More languages are spoken in London than any other place in the world. Adding to these facts is the magical aurora lights the UK offers. You can have a wonderful view of the northern lights in this kingdom made up of 4 countries- North Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland.  If your place of residence is closer to the United Kingdom or even far away your northern lights holiday in UK is closer than you think.

There is a common believe that northern lights holiday trip to UK can cost quite a fortune due to its high standard of living. I will be giving you a breakdown of information on how to go about your trip without breaking the bank.

Enjoy northern lights holiday in UK

Best areas to see aurora

Northumberland and the Lake District are the two perfect places to see the aurora light in the kingdom. Northumberland offers the darkest skies in England. It also has Bamburgh lighthouse where you can have a better view of the light. You can also get a glorious view of the light in Lake District as the lights reflect on the large water in the lake. You can read my dedicated Northern lights in UK article to know the other areas to see the magical lights in this part of the world.

northern lights holiday in uk

Flight search to the UK       

Flying to UK can be costly. Nevertheless, you can still get affordable flights. I will advise you to take Newcastle as your starting point. It is the closest international airport to Northumberland- a perfect place to see the wonderful light. Flights here can be as low as £50. Check the links below for various flights available for your aurora trip to the kingdom.

Accommodation in the UK

During my visit to the United Kingdom, I went to Northumberland for the show of natural wonders. The people of Northumberland are very hospitable and fun to stay with. On my arrival, I made sure I located an elevated area where I can get a very good view as the aurora appear on the horizon and made sure I got away from the traffic and city light to get the best view. I stayed in an inn not far from Northumberland Coast Area which is a very good place to view the northern light.

northern lights holiday in uk

You can get an accommodation as low as $9 per night. After deciding your destination for a northern lights holiday in UK, check out the sites below for affordable accommodations.

Transportation in the UK

The UK has it all – by bus, by car, by plane, by train, by cable, and by boat. Bus and coaches have the cheapest fares in the United Kingdom.  I will advise you to take a bus to any destination you choose for your northern light holidays in UK. Getting around by train is also very cheap in the UK. It reaches most part of the UK. For more conformability, you can rent a car. Also, you can fly to your destination- it is the fastest means.

northern lights holiday in uk

Food in the UK                        

Food in the UK is expensive but it’s not as high as other developed countries. Pub meal can be as low as £6 and average restaurant meal can be as low as £12. Also in mid-priced restaurant average meal for two is £40. You can stick to the outside food vendors- they have different varieties of food. In case you secure an accommodation with kitchen, you can cook your food. Know the affordable places to eat in the UK from the links below.

Things to do

If you are still within your estimated budget during your northern lights holiday in UK, there are other things to do. They serve as a bonus to your trip. You can see attractions such the Tower of London, British museum, and much more.

If experiencing the northern light holiday in UK is on top of your bucket list- It’s time to start planning for the memorable trip. The earlier you start getting your tickets, the less you spend- transportation account for over 70% of your whole expenses.

Do you have any question about taking a trip to see the northern lights in Greenland? Kindly ask us in the comment box below.

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