northern lights holiday in greenland


Approximately 85% of Greenland is covered with snow and Ice. It is also the largest Island in the world which became an integral part of Demark in 1953. Even though this country does not have a lot of green, it offers one of the attractive natural phenomenon, the aurora borealis. If you wish to see the magical lights in style and a perfect environment, northern lights holiday in Greenland can be the best for you.

Even though a trip to Greenland can be relatively a costly, there are some ways to get there and still stay within your budget. A lot of travelers think Greenland Aurora holiday is a no go area. So they try to leave it out. I will discuss with you the various affordable ways of making your northern lights holiday in Greenland a reality.

northern lights holiday in greenland

Make your northern lights holiday in Greenland a reality

Perfect places to see the aurora

Yukon, Kangerlussuaq, and Nuuk are the perfect locations to view the light here. Kangerlussuaq is located in middle of the northern lights belt. There is a lack of light pollution and presence of clear nights in Yukon and Kangerlussuaq. Most of the time in Nuuk, the light is visible to people coming from work while going home. To know about other nice places, you can read my dedicated Greenland northern lights article.

Flight search to Greenland

No doubt, catching a flight to Greenland is expensive. However, you can get some affordable flights that can be as low as £120. There are 51 airports in this country. You can use 4 of the 5 biggest ones as your starting point- Kangerlussuaq airport, Nuuk airport, Ilulissat airport or Sisimiut airport. They are all located where the aurora can be perfectly viewed. I will like to inform you that choosing Kangerlussuaq as your starting point seems to be more affordable compared to others. For affordable flights to Greenland, check the links below.

northern lights holiday in greenland

Accommodation in Greenland

No doubt, accommodations in Greenland are generally costly. The best way of securing an affordable place to stay is by renting from people- it can be as low as £23 per night. However, in any location selected you can still get some affordable places to stay. Check the below links for different affordable accommodations that best suit you.

Transportation in Greenland

Even though this country is very big with a land size of more than 2 million km2, it has no road or railway system. Majorly, moving around in Greenland is done by boat, plane, helicopter, dogsled or snowmobile. Helicopters are used from village to village, flights from town to town and boat from town to village. However, in all major towns cars and bus can be used to move around due to the presence of asphalt roads which are absent in smaller villages. With all these been said you can agree with me that the cost of transportation in Greenland is high.

Nevertheless, if you stay in cities with asphalt road during your northern lights holiday in Greenland, you can go around on a bus with a single ride costing 15 DKK. In this country, Royal Arctic Line and Arctic Umiaq Line are the only two users of the harbor.

Food in Greenland

In this country, food can be quite costly- especially if you love taking beef steaks or vegetables. I will advise you to go to the Brættet where everything will be cheap and fresh. You can get an accommodation with a kitchen so you will be able to prepare your own food. The price of eating out varies- from affordable to very expensive. Get to know the affordable places to eat from the link below.

northern lights holiday in greenland

Things to do

No doubt, seeing the magical aurora light is your main aim of going on a northern lights holiday in Greenland. Do you know there are other amazing things to do? If you have spare money, you can visit other attractions such as Ilulissat Ice-fjord, Viking Ruins and much more.  Check the links below for the various attractions available.

In conclusion, this country that is politically part of Europe and geographically part of North America ensures a perfect northern lights trip. If you are ready to go on a Northern lights holiday in Greenland, start your trip by knowing the right time to go and booking a flight. Read my dedicated northern lights prediction article to have a better knowledge of the perfect time.

Have you been to Greenland before? Why not tell us if you had a memorable vacation and what you would recommend for travelers to do in Greenland!

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