northern lights holiday in russia


Russia is larger than Pluto and it is also the largest nation on earth. It is one of the least visited places in the world to see the northern light. It offers an amazing display of the magical aurora light. The northern lights holiday in Russia can be one of the best tours that will always remain in your memory. The holiday is meant for every traveler planning to make an aurora trip.

Russia is one of the European countries with a low standard of living. This means you can always get to this country if you are on a low budget. Most people think going to Russia during a vacation to see the northern lights is expensive and not meant for them. You are getting it all wrong. I will show you the affordable ways of making your Russia aurora dream achievable.

northern lights holiday in Russia

Enjoy your northern lights holiday in Russia

Best area to see aurora

Murmansk, Tixi, and Novaya Zemlya are the perfect places to see the lights in Russia. Murmansk offers more than 40 days of uninterrupted nights, so it is a premier destination to see the aurora. Tixi is also a place that offers 10 weeks of polar night. It is known for its consistent northern lights display. You can read my dedicated northern lights Russia article if you want to know other suitable places where you would have the opportunity of viewing the light.

Catch a flight to Russia

Even though flying to Russia is costly, there are some affordable ways of flying there. I will advise you to select Moscow or Murmansk as your entry point. Flying to both cities can be as low as £123 and £142 respectively. If your starting point is Moscow you will have the opportunity to see various attractions while going to your destination. You can decide to cut your trip short by flying to Murmansk- since it is one of the perfect places to see the light. Check the links below for affordable flights to Russia and within the country.

northern lights holiday in Russia

Accommodation in Russia

During your holiday, you can take Murmansk or Tixi as your destination. These places offer affordable accommodation. However, you can still get accommodations that best suit you in any of the location selected. I have selected some links where you can easily get affordable accommodations to stay:

Transportation in Russia

Talking of transportation, in this country you have it all- plane, bus, car, train, and boat or ferry. Do you know that Russia has the longest railway in the world? The cheapest way of moving around is by train and bus. For example, if you take Moscow as your starting point, you can get to your destination by train. The fare is around $45 to $70, though it is a long journey. You will have the chance of seeing different attractions while embarking on your journey.

But if you choose Murmansk as your starting point and destination you will undergo less stress. All you need to do is take a bus to your destination. You can also take a flight- it is the fastest means of transportation.

northern lights holiday in Russia

Food in Russia

Food in Russia is considerably cheap except in cities like Moscow. It is advisable to secure an accommodation with a kitchen. You would be able to cook meals yourself. It is cheaper to eat in the pubs to the restaurant. From the links below you can get some affordable restaurants that best suit you.

Things to do

The main aim of your northern lights holiday in Russia is to see the aurora. Do you know there are some other things do in this country? It offers many attractions that can serve as a bonus to your trip. You can start from the valley of Geysers to Lake Baikal– the deepest and oldest lake in the world to Hermitage museum and much more. Below are some of the links I put together so you can know various attractions available.

northern lights holiday in Russia

With Russia having its larger percentage of citizens living in urban areas, it is a perfect place to see the magical green lights in the sky. You can start planning your northern lights holiday in Russia- the earlier, the better. The aurora can be seen here during the winter, spring and autumn equinox- September to April. You can read my dedicated northern lights prediction article to know more.

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