northern lights holiday in iceland

Did you know that Iceland’s population is less than 400,000 inhabitants? This exactly makes it a great place to feel the nature and more specifically, seeing the aurora borealis in all its glory during a northern lights holiday in Iceland. Plan your trip which may include a spectacular experience like the Aurora Floating tours and Aurora Bubbles.

Aurora is one of the elusive and unpredictable attractions but having this in mind you can plan everything else around this trip. I would give you a hand in this by showing you how to find good deal flights, how to move around the country, which places to go and where to stay – all that while being on a budget.

Enjoy your northern lights holiday in Iceland

Best areas to see aurora

No doubt, Westfjords, Borgarnes, and Reykjavik are the perfect places to see the magical lights in this young country of the world.  Of all the above-mentioned spots, Westfjords is the best as it is considered with Zero light pollution and it is far north compared to the others. You can read my dedicated northern lights Iceland article if you want to know more suitable places where you would have the chance to observe the Northern lights.

Northern Light Aurora borealis at Vik Iceland

Flight search to Iceland

You can use Reykjavik, the northernmost capital city in the world, as your starting point. The Reykjavik international airport is the center of domestic flights. The cost of a flight can be as low as £52 depending on where you are coming from. For some affordable flights to Iceland and within the country, you can check the sites below. Remember that investing a bit more time to find the best flight deal can save you a lot.

Accommodation in Iceland

During my trip to Iceland, I stayed in Flateyri, a town in Westfjords that can offer you a bunch of inexpensive accommodations. Iceland has a lot of small towns and villages – it’s a good idea to pick one of those to stay at, as on one hand, the accommodation is cheaper than big cities and on another hand – they have much less light pollution, which would secure you a good Aurora show. In the below links, I’ve selected some good sources where you can find affordable lodges, hotels, and places to stay:

Transportation in Iceland

In this country, you have it all – bus, ferries, train, plane, car.  It would be cheap and easy to go around by bus during your northern lights holiday in Iceland. You can purchase discounted tickets at any of the bus stations. Renting a car is costly but it’s comfortable and faster, especially if you are traveling in a group. In this case, it can actually even out the tickets prices, so think twice before you chose how to make your journey within the country. To move around inhabited highlands in Iceland, you would need a 4 by 4. There are no public train stations in Iceland due to the population of the country.

northern lights holiday in Iceland
A beautiful green aurora or Northern Lights dancing over Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland

Food in Iceland

The cost of food can be pricey, especially in restaurants. If you are eating out, I’d recommend ordering fish as this is the local kind of food – it is cheaper comparing to other meals, and it’s always fresh and well prepared. Below you can find my selected sources which would give you enough information about good and less expensive places to eat:

Things to do

You might mainly have the mind of seeing the aurora borealis during your northern lights holiday in Iceland. But this country has to offer more than you wish. No doubt, there are some other activities that can serve as a bonus to your trip. If you are able to save some cash you can visit the Blue Lagoon where you can dip in the hot insanely blue water; make a trip to the Golden Circle to discover waterfalls, geysers and breathtaking mountain views; take a boat to watch Wales and so much more…

northern lights holiday in Iceland

Finally, the land of Vikings is a perfect place to see the green light beautifying the sky. You can start planning your northern lights holiday in Iceland. Planning ahead could save you additional costs and stress and after reading the details above you can work on booking your flight and knowing the right time to make the trip. Read my dedicated Northern lights prediction article to know the best time to see the magical light.

Northern Light Aurora borealis at Vik Iceland

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