faroe islands northern lights


The Faroe Islands are one of the best destinations for you to enjoy your holiday or vacation. These Islands are an archipelago located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic. It is approximately halfway between Iceland and Norway. It is about 200 miles north in the northwest part of mainland Scotland. This autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark has some attractions to offer you, so you know visiting or taking a trip to the Islands is surely not going to be a waste of time. Some of the attractions which include the Nordic house, National art gallery, Mykines holmur lighthouse, Skansin fortress, the wonderful faroe islands northern lights and much more.

Known to many people, the northern lights as always been a thing of attraction in many countries of the world, most especially the countries that lies in the northern hemisphere. This phenomenon has always been seen in the Faroe Islands also, where it beautifies the skies leaving the mouth wide open and eye blink. Many tourists and aurora hunters have seen the Faroe Islands northern lights and found it really amazing and astonishing.

faroe islands northern lights

Are you planning on where to go during your next vacation? You can try visiting this autonomous country. Here, you can see the aurora borealis in its real form. It will be bad to go on a trip blindly without having a proper plan and knowing when to see the aurora in Faroe Island and also where to see it.

When to see the Faroe Islands northern lights

Even though the aurora is a rare phenomenon, it can be seen in this country when the right conditions are met. Here, the northern lights are seen during the winter months; September to April. However, there is no specific time to see the aurora in this country; all you need to do is plan to stay long so as to see the light when it shows. You can also see the aurora borealis when the nights are dark with clear skies most of the time not starry. It is also important that there should be no light pollution neither artificial nor natural lights.

faroe islands northern lights

You can also know when to see the Faroe Islands northern lights by visiting aurora forecast websites. It is most of the time preferable that you set out around 10 pm to 1 pm. You can have a better view at this time in this part of the world.

Where to see the aurora in the Faroe Islands

It is possible to see the aurora from any location in this country. All you need to do is to get away from any obstruction such as street lights. You can also move out of the city. This is going to be an additional experience and fun because you will be touring each of the Islands. Few out of all of the locations where you can see the Faroe Islands northern lights are Tóshavn which is the capital, Klaksvĺk, Sorvágsvatn and much more.

faroe islands northern lights

You can also stay in some hotels during your visitation to these wonderful and beautiful Islands. Some of the hotels are:

Do not overlook the powerful display of the aurora borealis in these Islands because it can make you come back for more!

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