northern lights russia


If there is a place that should never be overlooked when talking about the aurora borealis it is Russia. It is one of the best places in the world where you can see the beauty of the northern lights Russia glowing in the sky. Russia is a country located in Eurasia and by surface area; it is the largest country in the world which covers more than one over eight of the land area inhabited by the earth. This country entirely expands across Northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe.

Apart from the northern lights which is one of the prominent attractions in this part of the world, this location also offers a lot of attractions which will make you want to always visit during holidays or vacations. Some of the attractions are the Trans-Siberian railway which is part of the railway system in the world, the Mount Elbrus which is included as one of the seven summits, the Valley of Geysers which is the second largest Geyser field in the world and much more.

northern lights russia

However, northern lights Russia being one of the best attractions in the world has been bringing in a lot of visitors to Russia making the country a must visit the country. Aurora hunters now take delight in visiting the country with their family and friends just to see how amazing the northern lights in Russia are. You can also decide to visit Russia so as to see the wonderful aurora in the Russian’s sky but you need to know when to go to the country and where to go so that you can get a better chance of seeing it.

When to see the northern lights Russia

It is somehow easy to see the aurora in Russia compared to some other locations or countries. This is because Russia reigns supreme out of the countries that reach north above the Arctic Circle. This provides freezing winters with undisturbed nights that persist for weeks. The winter period and undisturbed nights are one of the determinants or factors that determine when to see the northern lights Russia.

The aurora can be seen at this location during the winter months. The months are from September to April. February is the predominant month. The aurora borealis can be seen when there is no light pollution. Also, when there are clear skies, and nights are dark. To crown it up, you can see the aurora when the solar activity is at its peak. You can know this by checking the Aurora prediction websites.

northern lights russia

Where to see the Russia northern lights

Stunning! Captivating! Miraculous! Amazing! Are the first words most people seeing the northern lights for the first time in Russia say. There are some unique destinations where you can see the aurora in Russia.


This place is considered as one of the world’s premier destination for the northern lights. It gives more than 40 days of uninterrupted nights which is one of the primary criteria of the aurora show. This is a place located in the extreme northwest near Finland. It has more than 300,000 residents you can enjoy all the comfort of civilization in the midst of the arctic serenity.

Novaya Zemlya    

If you are looking for one of the extreme locations to see the northern lights Russia, this northern archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in northern Russia and the extreme northeast of Europe is one. This place includes Wrangel Island and it is only reachable by special permit. Here, you can truly enjoy a once in a lifetime experience by watching the glow of lights in subtle greens as they stroll on the Islands stranded in a frozen sea during polar nights.      

northern lights russia     


This city in the north of Arkhangelsk Oblast and south of Murmansk is said to be one of the Russian’s scientific capitals. Here you don’t have to leave town before you can see the wonderful display of green and red the northern lights brings up in the sky.


This town which is situated on right bank of the Pechora River is one of the best to see the aurora in Russia. This Russia’s heartland is a good place to enjoy your vacation and holidays.

northern lights russia


This place is the only city in the world that is located north of the Arctic Circle. It is known for its special tint of green called “Nger Harp; the light of the dead” by it residents. This city has its own special and unique connection to the winter lights show called the Aurora borealis.


This place is known for its over ten weeks of polar night and consistency is displaying the northern lights in Russia. This might be the easiest way of seeing the aurora due to it airport access from Moscow. You can see the aurora borealis here in Tixi during the spring and autumn equinoxes in April and October.

Furthermore, you can enjoy seeing the northern lights from a train with a trip to the city of St. Petersburg. You can also stay in some hotels during your aurora hunting in Russia. Some of these hotels are:

Take a trip to Russia and see the wonderful display of the northern lights in the country!

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