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Even though there are many places, both north, and south, to see the aurora, this is a place where you can also get your eyes fed through the amazing display in the sky called the Aurora Australis Falkland Islands. This Islands having Stanley has their capital are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean on the pentagonal shelf. It is a place with a lot of attractions that keeps making visitors happy. Some of its attractions are the nature and wildlife, museum and national trust located in the Britannia house, and much more.

The southern lights even though very rare have also been an attraction in the Falkland Island. It is possibly a place where you can think of visiting during a vacation or holiday. Most visitors confirmed it that these Islands are the perfect place to see the southern lights. This shows you shouldn’t doubt the possibility of making your dream of seeing the aurora australis come to fulfillment. If your mind is made up and you wish to visit the Falkland Island, you need to know when to see the southern lights there and where to see it.

When to see the southern lights the Falkland Islands

As you now know that these Islands are a decent place to watch the southern lights. You can plan your visit to be around the months of April and August. These months offers fewer daylights and more dark nights. Also, clear skies which are the important features that determine how obvious the aurora australis will be. It is also important for you to know that before you can see the southern lights there must be little or no light pollution.

Though the fact that the southern lights are difficult to see compared to the northern lights cannot be ruled out, still you can see the southern lights and know when to see them in the Falkland Islands by visiting the Aurora Australis forecast websites. If you can time with well, the southern lights here shows different colors which are purple, pink, orange, and gold that glow and amazes the eye. In 2010, a monitoring system to record the activities of the aurora was installed by Falkland engineers.

Where can you see the aurora australis in the Falkland Islands?

This cold, windy and humid Island with the variability of daily weather has different spots. These spots can offer you the view of the amazing southern lights. The further south you travel in the Falkland Island the higher the chance of you seeing the southern lights Falkland Island. The Island is primarily made up of mountains and hills. This can give you a better spot for viewing the aurora.

During your trip to these Islands, you can stay in some hotels such as:

  • The Malvina House Hotel which is one of the hotels located in Stanley, the capital of Falkland Islands.
  • The waterfall Hotel which is the second hotel in Capital and much more!

As an aurora hunter, you can try your luck of seeing the southern lights by visiting the Falkland Island!

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