Australia which is a country and also a continent is a very good place for you to visit during holidays or vacations. This country is made of the Island of Tasmania, numerous smaller Islands, and the mainland of the Australian Continent. This sixth largest country in the world offers a lot of attractions. These include southern lights Australia that can make you enjoy your vacation.

If you are looking for the land of dreams you don’t need to go too far. Australia is one. This place is a land of spectacular beauty and staggering contrast. You can safari across large sand Islands, walk through the ancient rainforest, dive the Great Barrier Reef, explore the vibrant multicultural and also watch the natural phenomenon called the southern lights or the Aurora Australis.

The southern lights in Australia have made the country a place where Aurora chasers will always wish to visit. If you are willing to see the amazing and astonishing southern lights Australia, you can take a trip to this beautiful country and make your dream come to fulfillment. Before going, you need to know when and where you can see the heart touching Aurora Australis in this country.

When can you see the southern lights Australia?

It can be difficult to see the aurora in Australia. However, you can see the southern lights in Australia when the perfect conditions are met. Here you may sometimes get the opportunity to see the aurora once in every few years. If the southern lights Australia shows up on a cloudy night the opportunity will be gone. Just like every other place where the phenomenon occurs in the world, the aurora australis display in Australia can be seen during the winter months. When the nights are darker, the skies are clear without clouds and stars. Also, when there is no light pollution like city lights.

You also have a chance of seeing the aurora in Australia when the solar storm is coming in and drifting further north than usual. It can best be seen around 11 pm to 2 am. Due to the little difficulty, you may encounter in seeing the southern lights in Australia, it is advisable to always check Aurora forecast website. By this, know when the amazing aurora lights will show up in the skies. After knowing when you can see the southern lights Australia, comes the question, where can you see it?

Where can you see the Australia southern lights?

In Australia, the further south you go the better for you to see the aurora. Besides the fact that they own some land on Antarctica you can view the aurora from southern Victoria. It can also be seen in the southern Western Australia. Melbourne which is the most populous city and capital of Victoria in Australia is also a good place to view the aurora.

Even though it is rare and the aurora cannot be seen throughout the year, New South Wales is also a nice place where you can hope for the southern lights to display in the skies wonderfully.  In addition, you can catch a glimpse of the magical light in Tasmania- an Island in Australia. Since this is another country entirely you can get more information by reading my dedicated southern lights Tasmania article.

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If you are an aurora chaser and you wish to have a view of the southern lights in a dramatic way, you can try visiting Australia.

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