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On earth, one of the best places to visit is New Zealand. It is an Island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is made up of two land masses which are the south Island and the North Island plus a large number of smaller islands. This country is located about 900 miles east of Australia It is a home to a lot of attractions that can make the heart pound. Some of these attractions are, the Fiordland National Park which is also known as the world heritage site, the Bay of Islands which is a 3 hours drive north of Auckland, Franz Josef and Fox glaciers and much more. However, one of the attractions in this country that cannot be overlooked is the southern lights New Zealand.

It is a natural phenomenon that takes place in the sky. When the aurora australis appears in the sky in this country, they are amazing, beautiful, glittering, and also pleasing to the eye. This is due to the fact that New Zealand is one of the closest countries to the South Pole where the aurora originates. Most of the time, the color of the southern lights in New Zealand is pink and green. Just try and picture how beautiful it will be to watch the great aurora with this combination of colors.

In case you have kids or family members who already have a taste of the northern lights and are now searching for a place to go see the southern lights, this is a nice place to visit. You need to know when to go visiting so as not to miss it.

When to see the southern lights New Zealand

Even though the Aurora Australis can be seen throughout the year, the best time to see the southern lights New Zealand is during the winter months. This is from March to September. For you to see the New Zealand southern lights there must be a solar activity with a strong sudden brief rush of solar winds reacting with the magnetosphere. It is also good to have a clear sky, with no light pollution and dark nights. The aurora is most of the time seen during the night through the midnights. It usually doesn’t last long as it only takes 1-3 hours of display.

You can also check Aurora Australis forecast websites so as to know when the lights will display in the sky. The strength of the aurora is measured in Kp and it ranges from 0 to 9, where 0 is the weakest and 9 is the strongest. You sure know that 9kp means the display is going to be amazing, great, and strong.

After knowing when you can see the southern lights New Zealand the big question now comes in “where can you see the Aurora Australis in New Zealand?”

Where the Aurora Australis can be seen in New Zealand.


This city in New Zealand is known for its Maori and Scottish heritage, Victorian and Edwardian architecture. It is also a place where you can see the amazing display of the southern lights in the country.


It is one of the southernmost city in the world and the westernmost and southernmost city in New Zealand. Due to its hospitality and warmth, it is a great place to visit if you wish to see the aurora. It may come as a shock; these place equal southern lights from time to time.

Lake Tekapo

This is a place that most of the time gets clear skies which aid a great display of the Aurora Australis in the country. Here you have the opportunity of going to the surrounding higher grounds so as to have a better view of the light.

Stewart Island

It is the 3rd and most southern Island in New Zealand which offers you a chance of seeing the wonderful aurora display in the sky. It has a very little or sometimes no light pollution because it is a sparsely populated area.

The Catlins

You can also have a spectacular view of the southern lights New Zealand in the Catlin’s. When the skies are clear and no light pollution. The display in the sky is most of the time green and pink hue. It is always preferable to check up on the forecast before you visit. The weather in this area is not always wonderful.

There are many accommodations in New Zealand that can provide you a place to stay while hunting for the southern lights. Some of these are:

No doubt about it, New Zealand is one of the best places to see the southern lights in the world.



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