southern lights tasmania


If you are looking for one of the places in the world to use your holiday, Tasmania is one. Tasmania is an Island state of the Commonwealth of Australia which has its location to be 240 km to the south of the Australian mainland which is separated by the Bass Strait. Close to 45% of this place lies in national parks, reserves, and world heritage sites, therefore they are promoted as a natural state. This place is a fun filled location which has lots of attraction which include southern lights Tasmania, to offer you and other visitors who wish to visit the place. Some of the attractions in Tasmania are the Freycinet National Park, Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay, and Strahan. Also, the aurora australis which is Mother Nature’s gift and so much more.

southern lights tasmania

The Tasmania southern light is the hidden beauty of Tasmania skies. This place has the reputation of being one of the best places to view the Aurora Australis. So if you are an aurora chaser, seeing the southern lights Tasmania is a unique opportunity. It can be called once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. Before you go visiting this place it is important you know the best time and condition that will favor you and increase your chance of seeing the lights.

When to see the southern lights Tasmania

The Aurora Australis in Tasmania can be seen during the winter months. Around September to March. This is because the areas located around the south poles usually experience a longer period of darkness. Also, the best time of the day when you can view the lights in Tasmania is during the night. It is also advisable to work away from areas of light pollution and cloudy skies.

southern lights tasmania

If you looking or hoping for the brightest display of the southern lights Tasmania, it only lasts for 1-3 hours. Generally, the best time for viewing or seeing the Aurora Australis is between 10 pm to 10 am. For you to know when the amazing southern lights will display in the sky, you can also check Aurora Australis forecast websites.  After knowing when to see the southern lights in Tasmania, it is also important that you know the best locations to see the lights in Tasmania. So that you can have an incomparable fun.

southern lights tasmania

Where to see the Aurora Australis in Tasmania

If you can find a location away from the lights pollution without obstruction, the whole of Tasmania is equally a good place to see the lights.   The only things that can obstruct you from seeing the southern lights Tasmania from anywhere in the Island state are trees, large mountain ranges, lights and city pollutions.

The aurora can be seen in south arm peninsula which is 40 km east of Hobart and 13 km south of Sorell. There are many beaches in this u-shaped peninsula. It also has wide shallow Bays, all which makes it a perfect place for viewing the southern lights Tasmania. It is also a good place for nice reflection shots with waves crashing in the foreground.

Dodges ferry is another good place to see the lights in Tasmania. It is a small township on the eastern side of the entrance to Pittwater in south-eastern Tasmania, Australia. It is about 40km east of Hobart, and Cockle Creek. You can try visiting this place. You will see the amazing aurora with different vibrant displays in the sky.

Bruny Island is one of the darkest locations in Tasmania. You can also see the aurora there. The southern tip of Tassie which is 120km southwest of Hobart is a place that pleases the eye of the aurora hunters. In short, you can see the aurora from any place in Tasmania.

southern lights tasmania

As Hobart is also on the south of the Island, the areas surrounding it can also be a good place to view the aurora. You can also see the southern lights Tasmania from hotels. For example, the southern lights hotel offers accommodation in totally refurbished rooms, the Cradle Mountain hotel, and much more.

Finally, you can make your next holiday a fun filled one by traveling to this Island. It is without a doubt the best place to see the outstanding, amazing and astonishing southern lights in Australia.


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